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Valve (OEM Replacement), Tensilite® Titanium, Std. Exhaust, Kawasaki®, KX250F (&F/ X/ XC)™, 2020-2023

Valve (OEM Replacement), Tensilite® Titanium, Std. Exhaust, Kawasaki®, KX250F (&F/ X/ XC)™, 2020-2023


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California Prop 65

  • Dimensionally identical to OEM valves while offering many advantages
  • One piece forged titanium and EV8-SS alloys offer uninterrupted grain flow
  • Superior tensile strength and stability at and above operating temperatures
  • Every surface either fully CNC machined or ground
  • Super-finished stem allowing for Formula 1 level coating consistency
  • 100% (PVD) Chromium Nitride (CrN) coated
  • Material and workmanship that creates outstanding durability and performance
  • Competitive pricing allowing for a value conscious rebuild

KPMI® has recognized a need for direct OEM replacement valves that meet KPMI® standards for race quality performance and endurance, while also being affordable. To meet this need KPMI® has new product line selected from existing or newly developed KPMI® valves for select applications.
If you look closely at the KPMI® Tensilite® Titanium valves, you will notice the U.S. milled one piece forged design, precision ground stems and the CrN PVD coating covering the entire valve. In cases where the OEM uses steel exhaust valves, KPMI® has elected to implement our race proven line of Black Diamond™ Stainless steel exhaust valves, rather than create a new line of valves made from a lesser quality material to match the OEM. For your next factory rebuild, upgrade to KPMI® and gain yourself some performance and reliability, while saving yourself some money.

Type Exhaust
Material Tensilite® Titanium
Coating CrN
Pkg. of 1
Head Diameter 26.50mm / 1.043"
Stem Diameter 4.5mm / 0.1759"
Tulip 23º
Overall Length 3.195"
Remarks Standard
Replaces OEM P/N 12005-0794
Niote These valves are intended as O.E.M. replacement valves and are completely compatible with the O.E.M. spring kits. However, experienced engine builders, who are running aggressive camshafts or higher than factory RPMs may find the combination of the O.E.M. Style Valve and KPMIs Lightweight Racing Spring Kits advisable. All titanium valves are (Tensilite®) PVD CrN coated, and all stainless valves are Black Diamond coated.
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS
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