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Valve Kit, Turbo, Polaris®, RZR Turbo (&s / XP Turbo (&s, 2016-2023

Valve Kit, Turbo, Polaris®, RZR Turbo (&s / XP Turbo (&s, 2016-2023


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California Prop 65

Polaris® RZR Turbo (&S) / XP Turbo (&S) 2016-2023

Kit includes:
4pcs. White Diamond® Std. Intake Valve
4pcs. White Diamond® Inconel® Std. Exhaust Valve

The Turbo Valve Kit is specifically designed for Turbo applications using our 1-Pc forged “Super Alloy” Inconel® 751 exhaust valve that retains mechanical properties and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.  The exhaust valve is paired with a 1-Pc White Diamond® Stainless Intake for superior performance and longevity.  Together this valve kit provides the performance for boosted applications at a competitive selling price. 

Type Intake/ Exhaust
Material Intake- White Diamond®
Exhaust- White Diamond® Inconel®
Coating Hard Chrome
Intake- Pkg. of 4
Exhaust- Pkg. of 4
Intake Head Diameter 37.72mm / 1.485”
Intake Stem Diameter 5.5mm / 0.2160"
Intake Tulip 17º
Intake Overall Length 3.775"
Exhaust Head Diameter 29.21mm / 1.150”
Exhaust Stem Diameter 5.0mm / 0.2155"
 Exhaust Tulip 25º
Exhaust Overall Length 3.805"
Remarks Standard
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS
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