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Spring Only Kit, High Perf., 0.460" Lift, Kawasaki®, KLR™ 600/650, 1984-2010

Spring Only Kit, High Perf., 0.460" Lift, Kawasaki®, KLR™ 600/650, 1984-2010


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Since 1939, KPMI® has taken great pride in our ability to design innovative Performance improvements , valvetrains. This innovative ability has never been more apparent than with the development of the high tech lightweight racing valve spring kits , the incredibly stressed and torturous environment in today's high revving 4-stroke engines.

The challenge to engineer a valvetrain that would outPerform OEM systems, that in some cases included titanium components, was not an easy one. This task would require the concentrated efforts of every member of KPMI®'s design team. It was apparent early on that an OEM style spring with a bit more pressure was not going to be the complete answer , these engines. Working together as a team enabled KPMI® to evolve with a "unified system" approach. In fact, these innovative High Performance lightweight Spring Kit, would not only outPerform factory parts, but outlive them as well. reach KPMI® spring kit is designed , its specific application, taking into account several critical parameters including; cam profiles, harmonics, natural frequency of the springs, valvetrain mass, required pressure, wire stress, fatigue life, and engine rpm, just to name a few! Today KPMI® proudly offers complete High Performance lightweight valve spring kits , a host of applications.

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Type Intake/ Exhaust
Valve Lift 0.460"
Installed Height 1.205"
Seat Pressure 75#
Open Pressure 209#
@ Lift 0.460"
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUSt
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