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Shim-in-Tappet Spring Kit, Titanium, 0.380" Lift, Arctic Cat®, Various 1056cc Twins, 2008-2016

Shim-in-Tappet Spring Kit, Titanium, 0.380" Lift, Arctic Cat®, Various 1056cc Twins, 2008-2016


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California Prop 65

ARCTIC CAT® All 2014 5000 & 9000 C-TEC4 Engines
ARCTIC CAT® Bearcat™ Z1 XT (Incl. Limited)
ARCTIC CAT® TZ1™ (All Models Incl. Turbo)
ARCTIC CAT® Z1™ (All Models Incl. Turbo)
ARCTIC CAT® ProCross™ F & XF 1100 (All Models Incl. Turbo)
ARCTIC CAT® ProClimb™ M 1100(All Models Incl. Turbo)
ARCTIC CAT® Jaguar™ Z1
ARCTIC CAT® M / XF / ZR 9000’s 2014-2015
ARCTIC CAT® M 9000 2016

KPMI® takes a scientific System approach when designing our Valve spring kits. Each component is designed to work with the others as part of the complete system. KPMI®s engineers use our proprietary design and simulation softwares, and draw on our 70+ years of design experience to create these systems. Our design, simulation, and manufacturing processes insure compatibility of the valve springs force and natural frequency with the cam profile, valvetrain mass, system harmonics, and the engine RPM. Our spring manufacturing partners are U.S based companies that are ISO certified. The Super-Clean Chrome Silicon valve spring wire we use is traceable back to Kobe Japan where some of the best spring wire in the world is manufactured. Combining our design and simulation protocols with this premium quality valve spring wire, and manufacturing processes including, heat treatment, stress relief, and shot peening, allow us to supply you with the best valve springs in the world.

Installation Instructions Click Here 
Type Intake/ Exhaust
Retainer Material Titanium 
Valve Lift 0.380"
Installed Height 1.440"
Seat Pressure 70#
Open Pressure 184#
@ Lift 0.380"
Note  "Shim in Tappet" valve spring kits provide a solution to the common ovaling of retainers and shim spitting in higher performance applications. By locating the shim in the heat treated steel tappet instead of the titanium retainer, wear is greatly reduced, and reliability is increased. These tappets were designed and analyzed using the same Finite Element Analysis software used in the development of our valves in order to maintain the same strength and mass as our high performance traditional tappet/retainer system.
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS


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