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Seal, PC Style, 5/16" Stem x 0.500" Guide Seal Detail

Seal, PC Style, 5/16" Stem x 0.500" Guide Seal Detail


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California Prop 65

KPMI® solid white PC Style valve stem seals are available for builders who prefer a PC Style seal. These seals incorporate a clasp around the body of the seal and a choker spring around the neck of the seal. KPMI® solid white “PC Style” seals are manufactured from PTFE. PTFE material does not have “memory” and therefore is subject to creep. Creep allows the seal to conform to mating surfaces. Also, fillers have been used to keep the material stable and to reduce friction. PTFE is known to retain its mechanical properties at temperatures as high as 500°F. The twin spring design provides continuous tension on the valve guide and the stem of the valve. When your build creates extreme conditions…arm it with KPMI® “PC Style” Valve Stem Seals!

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Type Intake/ Exhaust
Material Solid White PC
Reference  See Figure 1
Stem Diameter 5/16"
Overall Length 0.510"
Seal O.D. 0.600"
A 0.500”±0.002”
B ---
C ---
D 0.365"
Note Use the diagram and specifications to ensure your valve guide shares the same dimensions for a proper fit
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS
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