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Intake Only Spring Kit, Titanium, 0.415" Lift, Suzuki®, RM-Z450™, 2008-2020

Intake Only Spring Kit, Titanium, 0.415" Lift, Suzuki®, RM-Z450™, 2008-2020


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 Since 1939 KPMI® has taken great pride in our ability to design innovative Performance improvements , valvetrain. This innovative ability has never been more apparent than with the development of the high tech lightweight stainless steel conversion systems , the incredibly stressed and torturous environment in today's ultra high revving 4-stroke singles.

The challenge to engineer valvetrain that would out Perform OEM systems that in some cases included titanium components was not an easy one. This task would require the concentrated efforts of every member of KPMI®'s design team. It was apparent early on that a lightweight high flowing KPMI® stainless race valve was not going to be the complete answer , these engines. Working together as a team enabled KPMI® to evolve with a "unified system" approach. In fact, this innovative lightweight system would not only out Perform factory parts, but outlive them as well.

Today KPMI® proudly offers many complete valvetrain systems , a host of applications. Also, , applications with low hours and/or apparent In face recession and Ex components that meet factory specifications consider KPMI®'s Intake Only Systems when Performing necessary service. Bear in mind that KPMI® does not advise partial conversions on race bikes and/or engines that have reached factory advertised service limits. Always consult with qualified professionals suited to inspect your machine.

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Type Intake
Retainer Material Titanium 
Intake Valve Lift 0.415"
Intake Installed Height 1.190"
Intake Seat Pressure 61#
Intake Open Pressure 168#
Intake @ Lift 0.415"
Valve Type  Intake
Valve Material Black Diamond™ Stainless
Coating Black Nitroneg
Intake Head Diameter 36.00mm / 1.418"
Intake Stem Diameter 5.0mm / 0.1955"
Intake Tulip 20º
Intake Overall Length 3.210"
Remarks Standard
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS
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