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Guide, C674, Intake, Polaris®, RZR™ 800, 2008-2010

Guide, C674, Intake, Polaris®, RZR™ 800, 2008-2010


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Outside Dia. (G)

California Prop 65

These Engine Builder valve guides have been designed with the price conscious builder in mind. Expect the same exacting KPMI® tolerances, but with a reduced toughness / wear-ability when compared to premium C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze valve guides. The softer Manganese guides are easily reamed, and then can be delicately finished with our high quality ball hones. Now, with any battery operated or electric drill you can ream and hone manganese valve guides in less time and in the absence of expensive honing equipment required to properly size tough Nickel Bronze guides.

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Quantity Pkg. of 1
Type Intake
Outside Dia. (G) 0.4950"(Std.)/ 0.4960" (+0.001")/ 0.4970" (+0.002")/ 0.5050" (+0.010")  
A 0.470"
B 0.560"
C 0.495"
D 1.335"
E 0.544"
F 0.2360"
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS

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