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Guide, C630, Cast Iron, Intake, Various HD® Applications

Guide, C630, Cast Iron, Intake, Various HD® Applications


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Outside Dia.: (G)

California Prop 65

Harley-Davidson® Panhead 1948-1965
Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead 74" 1966-1977

C630 Bronze: We choose to use the copper based C63000 nickel-aluminum bronze as a material to make our bronze valve guides because of its ideal characteristics for the application. The 5% nickel content provides superior resistance to wear, and the approximately 80 percent copper content delivers outstanding heat conductivity. KPMI® guide profiles are designed to have minimal effect on the airstream while maintaining critical cross sectional thickness in high temperature areas, which promotes high performance and endurance.

Cast Iron: After chemically separating several samples of cast iron material , analysis and evaluating the test data, we decided to have our own specification of cast iron made exclusively , us. We specify elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, nickel, chromium, copper and sulfur to produce a highly pearlitic structure with dense fine grains , excellent wear resistance.

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Outside Dia, (G) 0.5650" (Std.)/ 0.5660"(+0.001")/ 0.5670" (+0.002")/ 0.5680" (+0.003")/ 0.5690" (+0.004")/ 0.5710" (+0.006")/ 0.5730" (+0.008")/ 0.5750" (+0.010")/ 0.5900" (+0.025") 
A 0.450"
B 0.540"
C 0.755"
D 1.370"
E 0.745"
F 0.3745"
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