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Dowel, Cone, Oversize, H.T. Steel, 0.250" OD

Dowel, Cone, Oversize, H.T. Steel, 0.250" OD


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California Prop 65

Harley-Davidson® Panhead 1948-1665
Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead 74" 1966-1977
Harley-Davidson® Shovelhead 80" 1978-1983
Harley-Davidson® Evolution 1984-1999
Harley-Davidson® Sportster 883cc 1986-2021
Harley-Davidson® Sportster 1200cc 1988-2021

  • S&S “ Oversized” Dowel for 4" to 4-3/8" Cylinders
  • Black Oxide Coated for Corrosion Resistance
  • Heat Treated Steel
  • Cone Dowel for 1948-’05 Various HD® Applications
  • See Description Below for Special Design Features
  • A 5% value added savings has been built into the 20 quantity pack

This KPMI® dowel has been designed to replace the S&S .250" cylinder dowel, or to be used as desired. This dowel features a unique witness line in the center of the part which serves two purposes. First, this witness line serves as a marker for proper installation height and, second, to create two distinct halves of the part. One end of the dowel has a .252" diameter with a machined dimple on the end so you know to use that end in the case or cylinder. The other half incorporates a .250" diameter. This purpose-made change in diameter, and interference, ensures a snug fit on one end and a slip fit on the other as well as fret free use.

Material Steel
Outside Diameter 1 0.250"
Outside Diameter 2 0.252"
Overall Length 0.520"
O/S-Rep. S&S P/N 50-8022
Replaces HD® OEM P/N 366
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS
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