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Beehive Spring Kit, Steel, 0.460" Lift, Triumph®, 650, 1963-1975

Beehive Spring Kit, Steel, 0.460" Lift, Triumph®, 650, 1963-1975


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California Prop 65

By taking advantage of the latest development in valve spring wire chemistry and manufacturing techniques, KPMI® has developed a series of ovate wire Beehive style spring kits. By coupling these material developments with strict KPMI® design protocols and employing multiple design, simulation, and FEA analysis software, we were we able to overcome the torsional stresses unique to ovate wire springs, and manufacture a Beehive spring that will live and perform at a high level in Triumph® High Performance applications.

KPMI® Ovate Wire Beehive Springs are progressively wound using Kobe Super-Clean chrome silicon based wire that is heat treated and shot peened. The tapered shape of the spring allows for a retainer with a small OD. This reduces the reciprocating mass of the spring and retainer to less than that of a typical dual spring assembly. The retainer is a hardened steel, tightly toleranced, FEA design. The entire assembly is located by a properly fitting hardened steel basewasher that controls lateral movement adding to the performance and durability of the valvetrain.

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Type Intake/ Exhaust
Retainer Material H.T. Steel
Valve Lift 0.460"
Installed Height 1.375"
Seat Pressure 90#
Open Pressure 220#
@ Lift 0.460"
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUSt
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