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Beehive Spring Kit, 0.465" Lift, HD®, M8™ (& CVO’s*) 2017-2024

Beehive Spring Kit, 0.465" Lift, HD®, M8™ (& CVO’s*) 2017-2024


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Retainer Material

California Prop 65

*2023-2024 CVO’s check valve lift to determine compatibility with KPMI® spring kits

By taking advantage of the latest development in valve spring wire chemistry and manufacturing techniques, KPMI® has developed ovate wire Beehive style springs that will live and Perform at a high level in Harley Davidson® applications. By coupling these developments with strict KPMI® design protocols and employing multiple design, simulation, and FEA analysis software, we were we able to overcome the torsional stresses unique to ovate wire springs that previously severely limited their operating parameters. KPMI® Beehive Springs are progressively wound using Kobe Super-Clean chrome silicon based wire that is heat treated and shot peened. The hardened steel basewashers included in these kits are designed to locate the spring and control lateral movement. KPMI® made OEM replacement seals are included for a more complete performance valvetrain solution.

Installation Instructions Click Here for Kit, 20-21000
Click Here for Kit, 20-21050
Type Intake/ Exhaust
Retainer Material Titanium or H.T. Steel
Valve Lift 0.465"
Installed Height 1.410"
Seat Pressure 80#
Open Pressure 212#
@ Lift 0.465"
Unique Identifier No. FR327789_01GAUS
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